About IR

Investors, shareholders, financial analysts, brokerage firms, representatives of banks and other investment professionals should address inquiries concerning Maersk Drilling and its business to Maersk Drilling's Investor Relations department.

About IR

About IR

Silent Periods
Maersk Drilling's communication with its stakeholders is subject to restrictions during the so-called "silent periods", i.e. a period of three weeks prior to the announcement of the quarterly trading statements and half- and full-year financial reports. During these period, communication with stakeholders is limited, and we may not comment on financial results, expectations or market forecasts.

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IR Contacts

Micheal Harboe Jorgensen
Michael Harboe-Jørgensen
Head of Investor Relations

General inquiries

Financial market participants, shareholders and other professionals are welcome to address inquiries concerning Maersk Drilling and its business to Investor Relations. Answers in regard to career opportunities can be found on the Careers page.

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